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Eight women, each of them at a particularly difficult moment in their lives, spend time alone in a house in the south of France countryside. There, they channel an uncanny spiritual presence in the form of a canvas, sitting idle, that depicts an enigmatic woman in a white suit with a lily at the buttonhole.

Then will start a journey, an initiation, for these eight characters, discovering themselves through the words and teachings of this entity: the lady of the portrait.

Momentarily released from the weight of their existences, these women speak about their fears, their sexualities, their hopes about their relationships with men/women and with the world. We follow them as they live in this house, undergoing irreversible emotional changes in their ways of thinking and experimenting with reality, surrounded by the constant presence of nature, animals and the powerful spiritual guidance of the lady of the portrait.

To whom do they speak? To the camera, to the viewer, to the director, to an invisible presence? To people who will never listen? We accompany them during their time in this house, as they embark on individual journeys of self-discovery and renewed connections with their bodies.

They testify in radical and often confrontational statements and questions about their childhoods, their past traumas, the changes they are experiencing presently, and their musings on the future.

For the time being, they feel safe and secure, but eventually they will have to leave the house and go back to the world, to live the lives they are entitled to.

Une maison, au milieu de nulle part. Huit femmes, à tour de rôle s’y installent pour s’abstraire et disparaitre du monde, pendant quelques mois.
Là, dans un coin, un  tableau est posé, le portrait d’une femme ; et dans cet isolement  total, une présence, soudain, se manifeste et une voix leur parle.
Est-ce la femme du portrait ?
Alors c’est le début d’un voyage à l’intérieur qui commence, fait de solitude et de lumière, de rêves et de démons qu’on ne feint plus d’ignorer.
Et l’enseignement peut débuter.Dans le silence de la maison, de la nature et des animaux qui l’entourent chacune comprendra le chemin qu’il faudra suivre, les poids dont il faudra se défaire pour pouvoir renouer avec le monde.
Il n’y a plus à renoncer, plus à se taire ou à dissimuler ses hontes ou ses colères, ses désirs ou ses peurs. Il n’y a plus rien à cacher, tout sera dit, chaque mot prononcé sera une porte qui s’ouvre, et le corps ne sera plus une prison.


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LENGTH: 114 minutes

MUSIC: Arnold Schoenberg, Richard Strauss, Dmitri Shostakovich, Béla Bartók, Francis Poulenc and Jay Alansky

SOUND: Gérard Kouchtchouian

ENGLISH SUBTITLES: Sébastien Timoney

PRODUCTION COUNTRIES: France, Germany, 2018

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